Fireside S’mores and Fun Games

At The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, we invite you to gather around the cozy fire pit each night for Fireside S’mores. It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in this timeless and delightful treat. S’mores kits are available for purchase at our market in the hotel lobby.

Outdoor Games Galore

While you’re here, enjoy a variety of fun games for all ages, available all day at the poolside.

Connect Four: Engage in this classic strategy game that promises hours of entertainment.
Ping Pong: Test your skills and have a blast with a game of ping pong.
Cornhole: Try your hand at this popular outdoor game that’s both fun and challenging.

Weather Dependent: Please keep in mind that game availability at the poolside is weather dependent. If the weather cooperates, you’ll have endless opportunities for fun and games in the great outdoors.

At The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, we’re dedicated to providing you with moments of enjoyment and relaxation during your stay. Join us for Fireside S’mores and fun games, creating lasting memories with family and friends by the fire.