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Dec. 2021



Dec. 2021





Donation Requests

Thank you for thinking of Woodcliff Hotel & Spa and our outlets as a worthy champion of your cause. Donations are an important aspect of Woodcliff Hotel & Spa community involvement. We try to fulfill as many donation requests as possible to non-profit organizations. Please understand that we are not able to grant every request for a donation due to the volume of requests we receive each month.

Information and Guidelines

1. All donation requests shall be sent to and must be received at least one month prior to the requested date of your event to give our review committee enough time to discuss and issue the donation?

2. We have the right to determine the donation that you will receive. We will always try to accommodate your needs, but we do have limitations.

3. Woodcliff Hotel & Spa and its outlets donate one time per calendar year to an organization.

4. Your tax-exempt certificate number (501-c3) is required for our records for each request submitted.

5. All requests must be submitted on your organization's letterhead to the property in which you would like the donation from. Please be sure to include your complete organization and contact information.